Do you want to be an admin? If so, fill out this appilcation in the comments section and a current admin will look it over and think about it! 


  • You must have made at least 50 edits to become an admin (people who appiled before this rule doesn't matter for them.)
  • You have to fill in the application.
  • If you don't get chosen, be a good sport about it.

The Application

Name (Username): 

Fav. Lalaloopsy:

How many Lalaloopies do you have?: 

What you would be a good admin:

What you would do if you were an admin:

Do you promise to visit this wiki often?: (Write yes or no)

What you should do if you are chosen

First, say this oath in the comments section:

I promise to, 

help users at all times and to

follow the rules of this wiki. 

I will,

ban users who are breaking the rules,

even if I don't want to.

And to fullfill 

my job as a  


And after you do that, you can start your life as an admin.

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