Berry Jars 'N' Jam was the 12th Lalaloopsy to be released. Her twin sister is Sunny Side Up !


Sewn On: October 12th (Old Farmers Day)

Sewn From: A farmer's shirt and overalls

Likes: Cold Milk

Dislikes: Rotten Apples

Most likely to say: "Pancakes, anyone?"


Berry Jars 'N' Jam loves animals just as much as her twin sister, Sunny Side Up. She's sweet and kind, and always ready to lend a hand on the farm. And after a morning full of hard work, a blueberry pancake breakfast is just what she needs.

What Berry Looks Like

Hair Color: Pink

Bow Color: Orange

What she wears: A pink and white plad dress that has 3 layers with black lace. She also has a black collar with black laces going down it

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: A white and pink plad pattern

Other things on her dress: Two red buttons going down from her collar

Shoes: Pink Maryjanes with a orange bow on top of each one.

Berry's Pet

Berry has a cute pink and white cow! Like sunny's pet chick, it has designs on it's spots.

Berry's Home

Roof: Pancakes

Wall Color: A yellow and white plad pattern with 1st place ribbons on the left side.

Berry's Other Merchandise

  • Berry Full Size
  • Full Size Twin pack with Sunny Side Up
  • Berry Mini
  • "Berry's Blueberry Party" Mini
  • "Berry's Kitchen" Mini
  • Berry Pencil Topper
  • Berry Mirco

Guess What!

  • Although Sunny and Berry are twins, they look nothing alike!
  • Sunny and Berry are the 1st ever Lalaloopsy twins!


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