Blossom Flowerpot

Blossom Flowerpot was the ninth Lalaloopsy doll to be released. Her little sister is Petal Flowerpot!


Sewn On Date: April 22nd (Earth Day)

Sewn From: A Pair of Gardener's Gloves

Likes: Worms

Dislikes: Cold weather

Most likely to say: "Have you hugged a tree today?"

Personality of Blossom

Blossom Flowerpot has a special gift for making things grow. She can be found cheerfully digging in her garden and tending to her flowers. Her secret to growing prize-winning plants is sun, water, patience, and a whole lot of love!

What Blossom Looks Like

Eye Color:Black Hair Color: Pink

Hairclip: White daises with a yellow center.

What she wears:Blossom wears a short white dress with green flowered accents around it and white lace.

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress:

Other things on her dress:

Shoes:Mary janes

Blossoms's Pet

Blossom has a cute butterfly! It has a green body with pink and white polka dotted wings. There's a heart of the top, right side of the wing.

Blossom's Home

Roof: Brick tiles with a watering can on top

Wall Color: A lime green swirly pattern with daises

Blossom's Other Merchandise

  • Full Size Blossom
  • Blossom Mini
  • "Blossom's a Buzy Bee" Mini
  • Silly Funhouse Blossom with Charlotte Charades too!
  • "Sew Sweet Playhouse" Set with Blossom Mini
  • Blossom Soft Doll
  • Blossom Pencil Topper
  • Blossom Micro

Guess What!

  • Sometimes in her mini, her hair color is a little brighter!
  • If you look closely, Blossom has freckles!
  • Her and Marina Anchors soft dolls are 18 inch,bigger than the usual soft dolls,and there eyes are just printed intstead of plastic sewn on ones.


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