(Big) Scoops Waffle Cone

Scoops Waffle Cone was made from neopolitan ice cream. She's a triple scoop of fun who always keeps her cool. She loves variety, but has trouble making up her mind. She has a pet cat. Her little sister is Spoons Waffle Cone!

Sewn on Date: July 19th (National Ice Cream Day)


Sewn On:July 19th

Sewn From:ice cream

Likes: Trying new things

Dislikes: Melting

Most likely to say: "What's the scoop?"

Personality Of Scoops

Scoops Waffle Cone was once a rag doll who magically came to life when her very last stich was sewn.Shes a triple scoop of fun who always keeps her cool.She loves variety,but has trouble making up her mind...

What Scoops Looks Like

Hair Color:Vanilla,chocolate and strawberry!

Hairbow Color:Pink

What she wears:Scoops wears a wafer skirt with chocolate and caramel sprinkles printed on thre bottom.Around her waist there is a white ribbon and at the front there is a little apron that is white.Her top (which is attached to her skirt)is a pink fluffy one with stiched on darking pink sprinkles.

Her sewn on pattern on her skirt.

Other things on her:none

Shoes:Pink knee-high boots with white ends and laces, a lighter pink top and white socks.

Scoop's Pet

Scoops pet is an ice cream cat!His head is a scoop of stawberry icing with black button eyes and a nose with a mouth and whiskers.He also has darker pink cheeks.He has a dollop of whipped cream with chocolate sauce dripping from underneath,He has waffle cone ears and body,arms,legs and tail.

Scoop's Home

Roof: Lots of waffle cones,with chocolate sauce with sprinkles dripping down!

Wall Color: Yellow with white polka dots,hearts buttons and a ice cream deck to eat at.Underneath that deck is pink and white stripes and a green ribbon.on the side there is a little door so she can get inside to make icecream!

Scoop's Other Merchandise

  • Scoops serves ice cream mini playset with a green scoops waffle cone.
  • Scoops waffle cone original mini

Guess What!

  • On the poster,it shows that her cat's paws and feet were dunked into chocolate,when really it wasnt!
  • Her Pet is really a Cat made out of Ice cream!