Dot Starlight was the seventh Lalaloopsy to be released.     

Dot Starlight


Sewn On Date: July 20th (First Man on the Moon)

Sewn From: An Astronaut's Space Suit

Likes: Shooting stars

Dislikes: Cloudy skies

Most likely to say: "Let's shoot for the moon!"


Dot Starlight is a scientific girl who's always got her head in the clouds! She loves science and one day, she wants to hop on a rocket ship and travel to the moon! She's also a daydreamer and is easily distracted by her many thoughts and ideas.

What Dot Looks Like

Eye Color:Black

Hair Color: Yellow

Headband Color: Red

What she wears: A shiny, blue dress with a red and white outline at the sleeves. She has 2 layers under her skirt and a red bow at the waist.

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress/pet: White snowflakes on a blue background.

Other things on her dress: 4 buttons at the front of her dress.

Dot's Pet

Dot has a cute, red bird!

Dot's Home

Roof: Shiny Ribbons

Wall Color: Purple with sparkly wallpaper

Dot's Other Merchandise

  • Full Size Dot
  • Dot Mini
  • Dot Pencil Topper
  • Dot Character Tin
  • Dot Mirco

Guess What!

  • Dot is the only original character not to have a little sibling, soft doll, and more minis!
  • Dot has her own airplane!
  • Dot is not and was not available in UK.
  • Dot's house is an observatory!
  • She is a curious daydreamer, much like Alice in Lalaloopsyland.