Ember Flicker Flame was the 26th Lalaloopsy to be released. Her little sister is Red Firey Flame


Ember Flicker Flame


Sewn On: May 4th (International Firefighter's Day)

Sewn From: A Firefighter's Uniform

Likes: Spicy food

Dislikes: Unattended campfires

Most likely to say: "I'm fired up!"

Personality of Ember

Ember Flicker Flame to the rescue! Whether there's a real fire or a pet stuck in a tree, she's ready for the challenge! Sometimes Ember can get a little hotheaded, but it's only because she's sew passionate about things that are important to her-like her friends!

What Ember Looks Like

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Red

Bow Color: Yellow

What she wears: Ember wears a firefighters outfit with a striped shirt. She wears yellow suspenders with black buttons clips. Her skirt is red with a yellow stripe on the bottom.

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: White with red stripes

Other things on her dress: 2 small back buttons on her shirt

Shoes: Ember has yellow and black firefighter's boots with silver buckles.

Ember's Pet

Ember has a pet dalmatian! He wears a red collar.

Ember's Home

Roof: Silver with a pink chimney.

Wall Color: Orange with a fire hose wrapped around it.

Ember's Other Merchandise

  • Full Size Ember
  • Ember Mini
  • Silly Funhouse Ember
  • Ember Soft Doll
  • Ember Silly Hair

Guess What!

  • Ember's pet looks like Suzette's dog!

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