Holly Sleighbells was the 24th Lalaloopsy doll to be released.


Holly Sleighbells


Sewn On: December 3rd (National Mistletoe Day)

Sewn From: An Elf's Costume

Likes: Mistletoe

Dislikes: Empty Stockings

Most likely to say: "Happy holidays!"

Personality of Holly

Holly Sleighbells is a handy helper who loves to wrap presents- or anything else she can get her hands on. Her favorite thing to do is make a list and check it twice. If she could have one wish, she'd make every day a holiday!

What Holly Looks Like

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Blonde

Bow Color: Red

What she wears: Holly wears a green sweater with red spikes on the collar and sleeves. She also wears a red belt with a yellow buckle.

Her sewn on pattern on her dress: Pink background with hot pink polka dots

Other things on her dress: Little red cotton balls on the spikes of her collar.

Shoes: Holly has green elf shoes! She wears peppermint patterned stockings under them.

Holly's Pet

Holly has a cute reindeer! She looks like she's a cookie with icing. She wears a green bow at the top and has a red nose.

Holly's Home

Roof: Pink with white snow and icicles hanging from it.

Wall Color: Hot pink

Holly's Other Merchandise

  • Full Size Holly
  • Holly Mini
  • Holly "Sew Snowy" Mini

Guess What!

  • She has the same birthday as Snowy Fairest!