The company has announced that they will produce three feature films based on three existing properties: Lalaloopsy, Bratz, and Mooshka.

First to hit theaters will be The Lalaloopsy Movie either in late-2016 or early 2017, followed by a new Untitled Bratz film, the sequel to their direct-to-video bratz movies. The release dates will be staggered three to six months apart with Mooshka released last. The Lalaloopsy Movie follows Original 8, Pepper, Ace, Tippy, Blossom, the Littles, Forest, Toffee, the Color Me dolls, and Coral on their BIGGEST Adventures.

Splash Entertainment, who has produced many shows including Geronimo Stilton and Lalaloopsy TV Series, has been enlisted to executive produce the movies. “The overall look and feel will be beefed up,” Splash told Toys 'R' Us. “We want to offer a viewing experience that will be worth going to the theaters, but also enjoyable throughout the value chain of distribution.”

A budget of $10 million (it’s unclear whether that is per-film or the combined total for all three) will go toward improving the animation quality as well as acquiring “star voice talent” and adding more music. The films will be financed by MGA with additional funding from theatrical pre-sales and distribution partners. No specific details on the distribution of the films have been made available at this time.

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