Prairie Dusty Trails was the 27th Lalaloopsy to be released. Her little sister is Trouble Dusty Trails!


Prairie Dusty Trails


Sewn On: August 13th (Annie Oakley's Birthday)

Sewn From: A Cowgirl's Vest

Likes: Square dancing

Dislikes: Losing the trail

Most likely to say: "Yee-haw!"

Personality of Prairie

When her last stitch was sewn, Prairie Dust Trails came to life ready to giddyup and go! When she's not riding up into the sunset, she's square dancing and doing rope tricks with her friends. Sometimes she can get a little rowdy, but her friends know how to reel her back in.

What Prairie Looks Like

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Brown

Bow Color: Pink

What she wears: Prairie wears a orange cowgirl dress with a pink skirt. She's wearing handless red gloves. On the skirt, there is a stitch that looks like a lasso.

Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: orange and red polka dots

Other things on her dress: a big star on the middle of her dress

Shoes: Orange cowboy boots with a pink outline on top.

Prairie's Pet

Prairie has a pet cactus! She wears a pink flower on her "head".

Prairie's Home

Roof: Orange with a silver bell on the middle

Wall Color: Brown with a bandanna and a patio.

Prairie's Other Merchandise

  • Full Size Prairie
  • Prairie Mini
  • Prairie Silly Hair
  • Prairie and Trouble sister pack

Guess What!

  • Prairie's pet is one of the pets that is not a animal!

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