Sir Battlescared

Sir Battlescarred was the nineteenth Lalaloopsy to be released.


Sewn From: A knight's armor

Sewn On: May 29 (End of the Middle Ages Day)

Likes: Archery

Dislikes: Tall Fences

Most likely to say: "Sir Battlecarred to the rescue!"

Personality of Sir

Sire Battke Scarred sprang to life ready for battle. He's a doer of good deeds, a righter of wrongs, and a fearless herowho'll stop at nothing to rescue a friend in trouble. One of these days, he will capture a castle!

What Sir Looks Like

Hair Color: Brown

What he wears: Sir wears silver armor with part of it red and part of it white at the middle. His pant have silver knee pads on them.

His sewn-on pattern on his shirt: Silver chains linked together.

Other things on his shirt: His sleeves are chainlinked!

Shoes: He has tall black boots with buckles on them.

Sir's Pet

Sir has a blue dragon! His body is blue while his belly, nose, ears, tail, and wings are baby blue.

Sir's Home

Roof: A castle top with a hore on the tallest part.

Wall Color: Goldish and brownish with a drawbridge at the front.

Sir's Other Merchandise

  • Full Size Sir
  • Sir Mini

Guess What!

  • Sir's mini has a lighter color then the full size one.