Tippy Tumblelina

Tippy Tumblelina was the tenth doll to be released.She was released along with Blossom Flowerpot.Her little sister is Twisty Tumbelina.


Sewn On Date: February 2nd (Two-Two, or Tutu)

Sewn From: A Ballerina's Tutu

Likes: The spotlight

Dislikes: Getting dizzy

Most likely to say: "This is tu-tu exciting!"


Tippy Tumblelina's toes are always tapping- it's hard to keep still when you're a ballet star! Sometimes she spins so fast that she tumbles to the ground. But Tippy's clumsiness never stops her from getting up and dancing some more!

What Tippy Looks Like

Hair Color: Red- Pink

Bow Color: Light Pink

What she wears: A dark pink dress with a pink, see-through tutu. Her sleeves are puffed up and has orange/yellow bows on them.Her sewn-on pattern on her dress: Dark pink, light pink, and regular pink stripes on a white background.Other things on her dress: A orange and white plad belt.

Shoes: Red- pink ballet shoes with yellow ribbons and pink tights.

Tippy's Pet

Tippy has a cute what swan! If you look closely, it has a pink bow on it!

Tippy's Home

Roof: A orange balcony with gold on top with a crown as a chimmy.

Wall Color: Red curtains with a gold embroidery on the sides.

Tippy's Other Merchanidse

  • Full Size Tippy
  • Tippy Mini
  • "Tippy's Ballet Recital" Mini
  • Tippy Pencil Topper
  • Tippy Soft Doll