Silver luxe

my gift 4 u!!!

Bratz doll jade

my bratz doll drawing!


I'm drawing a bratz doll!

  • mooshka doll myraGo to go 2 suzette la sweet!
  • this is lalaloopsy506's blog page! anyone is welcome!Go to suzette is my queen
  • she luvz lalaloopsyzGo to SUZETTE!!!!!!!!!!
  • coming soon...Go to BRATZ
  • my gift 2 u!Go to LALALOOPSY506!
  • goldie luxeGo to LALALOOPSYZ
  • lalaloopsy506Go to LALALOOPSYZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have my first Barbie drawing!!!!
Barbie dolls of the world mexico

an official lalaloopsy506 drawing. copyright: 2014 NO STEALING ANY OF THE DRAWINGS ON THIS BLOG OR YOU WILL RECIVE HUGE PUNISHMENT!

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