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    Yes this is from mlp I like the song though so yes. Instead of Celestia singing about Luna Ember and her friends are singing about Dot. ENJOY!


    Faith has been cruel and shall orderly be unkind

    How could I have sent you away

    The blame was all mine

    The punishment was your's

    The harmony was silent today

    But into the stillness I'll bring you a song

    And I will be your company to keep

    Till your tired eyes and my lullabies

    Have put you softly to sleep

    Once was a lalaloopsy who shone bright like fireballs in the sun

    Look out on her kingdom and sigh

    She smiled and said possibly there is no lalaloopsy beloved and as kind as I

    So brilliant her reign

    So brilliant her glory

    That long was the shadow she cast

    Which fell dark upon the friend she loved

    And only grew d…

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  • AskSuzette101

    Lala requests

    September 25, 2013 by AskSuzette101

    Bonjour Suzette here  um yeah sew um here ya get to request stuff and  if ya have any questions let me or the others know.Oooooooooh  sorry I been inactive there's this um what ya call it again.Oh yeah a clash f0or he crown thing going on  all new princesses fighting over who gets to be  the lalaloopsy to rule over the others.Well yes I think I should be the ruler but I kept quiet about it.OH  THIS LAND WILL BE MINE >:)!

    Bea:um Suzette

    Oh sorry  watever just get goin I have nothing to do right now ............~

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  • AskSuzette101

    Bundles Chatroom

    August 20, 2013 by AskSuzette101

    Bold textOkay sew yeah here Bundles has started a chatroom sew um yeah.Here she will interview the other lalaloopsys sew we can find out about them.

    Bundles:alright sew hi everyone this is Nunya here

    Mittens:I thought yur name was Bundles



    Bundles:NUNYA BIZNESS! NOW GET OUT NOW! alright first up I will interview a close friend of mine Ivory Ice Crystals

    Ivory:hey yo I am the ledgendary Ivory

    Bundles:yeh yeh sew Ivory tell us all about yurself like were are yu from

    Ivory:I like have a long history I lived in the snowy artic frostlands life there was hard I was always fighting to survive and I couldnt survive the cold and I been there sicne my parentds left me at age 3 then I decided…

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