Bold textOkay sew yeah here Bundles has started a chatroom sew um yeah.Here she will interview the other lalaloopsys sew we can find out about them.

Bundles:alright sew hi everyone this is Nunya here

Mittens:I thought yur name was Bundles



Bundles:NUNYA BIZNESS! NOW GET OUT NOW! alright first up I will interview a close friend of mine Ivory Ice Crystals

Ivory:hey yo I am the ledgendary Ivory

Bundles:yeh yeh sew Ivory tell us all about yurself like were are yu from

Ivory:I like have a long history I lived in the snowy artic frostlands life there was hard I was always fighting to survive and I couldnt survive the cold and I been there sicne my parentds left me at age 3 then I decided I wanted to leave the jorney was rough but then as I was travling I found this icicle jewel necklace it never melts sew like I put it on and made my way to Lalaloopsy Land after the journey Mittens accidentally knocked a snowball at me I was very weak and defenseless when I got here sew after I got hit I fell to the ground then Suzette tried to kcik me out until Jewel told her it was me Ivory sew yeah Rosy healed me and made me stable again and Jewel picked out my outfit then MGA said I was go9ing to be a collectores edition I WAS SEW EXCITED!

Bundles:okay what do you like to do

Ivory:decorating my castle,building snowmen,anything with snow in it even snowcones!

Bundles:do ya have magical ice powers or somethin

Ivory:no ah ya caught me yes just as Mittens has snow powers

Bundles:yur best friends

Ivory:Swirly,Mittens,Jewel,Suzette,Holly, and of course dssuh Bundles!

Bundles:alright yu did wonderful see ya next time on Bundles chatroom 2

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