Yes this is from mlp I like the song though so yes. Instead of Celestia singing about Luna Ember and her friends are singing about Dot. ENJOY!


Faith has been cruel and shall orderly be unkind

How could I have sent you away

The blame was all mine

The punishment was your's

The harmony was silent today

But into the stillness I'll bring you a song

And I will be your company to keep

Till your tired eyes and my lullabies

Have put you softly to sleep

Once was a lalaloopsy who shone bright like fireballs in the sun

Look out on her kingdom and sigh

She smiled and said possibly there is no lalaloopsy beloved and as kind as I

So brilliant her reign

So brilliant her glory

That long was the shadow she cast

Which fell dark upon the friend she loved

And only grew darker as days and nights passed by

Lually astronomer moon princess dear friend of mine

And rest in moonlight's embrace

Bear up my lullaby winds of Lalaloopsy Land

Through cloud and through sky and through space

Carry out the peace and the coolness of the dark

And carry everyone's sorrows in kind

Dot your much loved by us way more then MGA seems to know

Forgive us all if we ever been so blind

Soon did that lalaloopsy take notice to others

Did not give her friend her due

And neither had she loved her as she deserved

Her friend's unhappiness grew

But such is the way of the limelight

Takes hold of the mind it lost

And that foolish lalaloopsy

Did nothing to stop the destruction of the one that needed her the most

(repeat 5th chunk)

(repeat 6th chunk)

The years now stand before us

Fearful to the unknown

I never even reliazed

I would have to face them alone

May these many months

Pass swiftly as I pray

Everyone loves you,

Everyone misses you

All these miles away

May your dreams be sew sweet tonight

Safe beyond your bed of moonlight

And know not of Sadness, Pain, or Care

And when I dream I will fly away and meet you there

Sleep, Sleep, Sleeeeeeeep

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