Scene 1-2 outside the house with fire.

Red:Oh no!


Red:The hosepipe has run out of water!

Ember:You what?!?!?

Red:I said that The hosepipe has run out of water!

Ember:Oohhh !No!

Pepper:Ooh no I'm trapped!

Pickles:ah em...

Sand E. :We are here ya know,it's not just you! (Chokes)

Pepper:Are you dead? (starts getting tears in her eyes)

Pickles:No! You dumhead,she's choking!

Pepper:That was quite a serious joke! (chuckles)

Pickles:No! You idiot,she's CHOKING!


Pickles:We have to rescue her!

Pepper:and my food!

Pickles: humph..(says under her breath:I will never know.)(Shakes head)

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